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Pets age much faster than humans. Pets can be considered seniors at the age of 5-8 years old. Large breeds tend to age faster than smaller breeds.

Dental Care

Your pets teeth need special attention when he is a senior, healthy teeth can help maintain his quality of life


Senior pets may require a different type of food which are easier to digest and have different nutrients

Vet Visits

Senior pets should see the vets a minimum of every 6 months. These exams will be more in-depth to spot any sign of diseases

Weight Control

Older dogs end to gain weight, while older cats tend to lose weight. Both of these can be health risks for a senior pet

Parasite Prevention

Immune systems in senior pets are not as robust as in younger animals. Check for signs of fleas and ticks, and make sure your dog is on heart worm medication

Mobility Maintenance / Lifestyle Changes

Keeping your senior pet mobile is important for its health, talk to your vet about what level of exercise is appropriate. Changes may include spending more time inside and providing areas to sleep that don’t involve stairs

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