The following is a comprehensive list of our services. It gives you an insight into the veterinary services we provide for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. It is important to remember that not every single surgical procedure can be included in the list, but we believe we do cover the majority of procedures that are performed in today’s veterinary world.

Companion Animal Services

Large Animal Mentor Programmes


Accident & Emergency Care

Should you need us we provide a 24/7 pet emergency service. If you need this service call either one of our practices to get the vet on calls number.


For some procedures we will use a local anesthetic such a x-rays, drawing blood etc. For a general anesthetic, your animal should arrive in the morning of the procedure. This will allow your pet to settle into the hospital, and permit the examination of the animal before undergoing the anesthetic. We ask that your pet to be not fed after 6 pm the night before the procedure to reduce the risk of regurgitation.

Blood Testing & Analysis

We carry out a complete bood count (CBC). this will give us information on hydration status, anemia, infection, the blood’s clotting ability and the ability of the immune system to respond. This test is essential for pets with fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, pale gums, or loss of appetite.


We prevent, diagnose and treat conditions, diseases and disorders of the oral cavity, the maxillo-facial region which your pet may have.

Digital Xray

In our Arklow practice we have a diagnostic imaging service for small animals.

Health Checks

Puppy, Kitten & Adolescent Health Checks

Post Operative Care
Our skilled vets take every precaution to minimize the pain of surgery. We employ the latest methodologies and products that includes administering pain medication before, during and after surgery. However it still can be abrasive and painful post surgery. Because each pet is unique, the degree of pain your pet shows may vary. This is why we can develop an at home pain management plan for your pet. Depending on the type of procedure your pet had, the vet will prescribe an adequate pain relief medication.
In-house Laboratory Work & Urinalysis

We have facilities to carryout the following in house laboratory work; stool samples, urine samples, blood samples. Blood samples include 3 common test of the red blood cells; packed cell volume, hemoglobin concentration and red blood cell count.


This is a legal requirement in Ireland. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted painlessly under the skin by one of our vets. It stores a unique identity number which can be read by an electronic scanner.


We carry out neutering’s of dogs, cats and rabbits.


We provide a full range of services – from screening and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation for conditions including hereditary joint disorders, cruciate ligament tears, patella luxuriation, fractures and arthritis.

Pet Food & Supplies

We are stockist of Royal Canin Veterinary Range and Burns Food. Please inquire in store for the range we stock and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we are more than happy to get it for you.

Pet Passport

Every Irish pet that is brought out of Ireland to another EU Member State or re-enters Ireland must have an EU Pet Passport. We can issue your pet with a passport. If you wish to have your pet’s photograph on its passport (this is optional), you should bring a photograph with you. See the prerequisites for departing a pet from Ireland here.

Irish Agriculture Government – More Info.


Soft Tissue Surgery

Specialists in treating companion animals that require surgery to treat conditions involving cardiothorcic, gastrointestinal, respiratory and urogenital systems as well as disorders involving the ear, nose and throat.

Ultrasound Scanning

We provide ultrasounding for large and small animal examinations.

Vaccinations, Flea & Worm Treatments

We provide vaccinations and flea and worm treatments. We are stockist of the following flea & worm treaments; bravecto, stonghold, advocate, milbemax, broadline and pestigon.

Weight Watchers

Obesity in pets is usually caused by excessive food intake and lack of exercise. We suggest and guide you about what your pet needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Wound Checks & Suture Removal
As part of the rehabilitation process of your pet after a operation or accident we will carry out wound checks and when ready we will remove the sutures.



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MineralMentor Bovine

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MineralMentor Ovine

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Large Animal Services

Bull and Ram Vasectomy

Call Outs

Call outs for sick animals, and emergencies such as obstetrical difficulties, uterine torsions, grass tetany, milk fevers, etc


Cattle Fertility & Routine Visits


Foot Pairing

Herd Health Programmes
Large Animal Testing

TB testing, and blood testing for other diseases such as Johne’s disease, IBR, BVD, etc

Prescriptions are available on request
Pregnancy Diagnoses

Via palpation and ultrasound scanning.

Retail shop of all large animal products at competitive rates

Prescription Medicines (POM) and Non-Prescription Medicines(NON-POM) available in accordance to the Department of Agriculture Guidelines.

Sheep Fertility & Routine Visits

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