This highly contagious respiratory disease is on the rise in County Wicklow. We have seen numerous cases brought in to clinics over the last few months.

Canine cough can produce a cough that is so severe that it can cause your dog to retch during a severe coughing episode. Owners often report that their dog appears to be choking and suspect that there is something caught in their throat. The harsh persistent dry cough can last from a few days to up to a few weeks. During this time affected dogs should be isolated from other dogs to reduce the risk of infection. Many owners describe sleepless nights trying to comfort their canine friends as they cough into the early hours.

Canine cough is the most prevalent disease in dogs for which we can vaccinate. It can be caused by a number of organisms such as Bordetella Bronchiseptica , parainfluenza and canine adenovirus. It is transmitted on the breath and is spread through airborne droplets.

While boarding kennels are naturally a high risk source of infection, dogs can also contract the disease during training classes, dog shows and even on dog walks!
The good news is that this disease is preventable by vaccination. The risk of developing a severe cough can be greatly reduced. The vaccination is administered into your dog’s nose using an applicator that converts the vaccine into a nasal spray. It lasts for one year and can safely be administered on the same day as the annual booster.
This safe and simple procedure can save your dog from enduring the exhausting and often distressing ordeal of canine cough. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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