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Wormer resistance in sheep

In recent years worm resistance has become a big problem in our area. Some farms have resistance to one or two of the 3 wormer groups and others to all three wormer groups. The first signs of resistance usually noticed by farmers are poor weight gain, ill-thrift and...

Puppy with blood in poo

The next several minutes are nerve wrecking as we wait for the test to run. With a bit of luck, the result is negative, and with a few more questions we identify another likely cause of the bloody poo. Common culprits include: * Change in diet – Puppies (and kittens)...

Dairy Calf Housing: Keeping Calves Healthy Indoors

Dairy Calf Housing. Keeping Calves Healthy Indoors 1 A well-designed dairy calf house will significantly reduce the incidence of scour and pneumonia. Dairy calves are most susceptible to scour and pneumonia in the first 6-8 weeks of life. Scour is the biggest killer...

Coughing Cows – Making Assumptions Can be Costly

I received a call from a dairy farmer last July with cows and heifers coughing at grass. This had been going on for several weeks and his milk yield was now 30% below target. Milk solids had also taken a hammering. Several of his cows were noticeably thin. I called...

Canine Cough – On the rise in Wicklow, not only dogs going into kennels are at risk!

This highly contagious respiratory disease is on the rise in County Wicklow. We have seen numerous cases brought in to clinics over the last few months. Canine cough can produce a cough that is so severe that it can cause your dog to retch during a severe coughing...

Parvo Virus

Puppy with blood in poo. It's one of the most common consults we see as small animal veterinarians. There are a lot of things that can cause it, so we ask owners a number of questions to try and narrow down the most likely explanation. At the top of our list of...

Colostrum Large Animal

Easy as 1, 2, 3! If you've ever raised a calf, you've probably heard the 1-2-3 rule of colostrum management: feed from the 1st milk, within the first 2 hours of life, and at least 3 litres. Why is this important? Colostrum provides not only nutrition, but also...

Signs Your Pet Needs To See A Vet!

When assessing your pet’s health and or illness, a good rule of thumb is always to watch for any dramatic behavioural shifts. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any of the following signs lasting more than 2 days. 

Your Pets Dental Care

Does your dog need a dental? The Facts 4 in 5 dogs have some type of dental disease by age 3. 2/3 of a dog’s tooth is under the gum line. Untreated dental disease can spread to your dog’s VITAL ORGANS. Teeth To-Do's   BRUSH BRUSH at least 3 times a week  ...

Packing on the Pounds?

Animal obesity is a big problem in Ireland. The cause? Overfeeding and Lack of Exercise 1 2 3 Health Risks For Overweight Pets   Cancer   Diabetes   Heart / Respiratory Disease   High Blood Pressure   Kidney Disease   Osteoarthritis...

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