We know that this is the most difficult and most heartbreaking part of owning a pet. If you are not sure whether the time is right please talk to our staff – we are happy to advise and sometimes there’s hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. If and when a decision is made we will try to book your pet in at a quiet time during the day. Most of our team have unfortunately been in your shoes and know how painful it is. It is so important to us that you have a peaceful goodbye with your pet, spending as much time with them as you need. If you would prefer us to come to you please contact us to arrange a home visit – we will try to convenience you as much as possible.
What’s involved?
Having discussed everything with you, our vet will usually get the nurse to help to get a vein – this involves a little pinch on their arm and is completed in a few minutes. This means when we inject the solution it will go straight into your pet’s bloodstream and is very peaceful. We generally don’t need to give anything to relax pets unless they are very stressed. Every owner is different- some want to be with their pet while they are put to sleep, some do not. We will accommodate whatever you feel is right for you. Once we have our IV in place owners can hold their pets in their arms while they are put to sleep. It is generally a peaceful time – the solution used is a version of an anaesthetic, so your pet feels like they are going to sleep. Pet owners can take as long as they need with their pets after.
What happens after?
If you decide to have your pet cremated you have the option of getting their ashes back. Many pet owners find it incredibly comforting to get their pet back home. We will discuss the various options with you before we go ahead so you can make an informed decision.