• Our Arklow branch performs routine surgeries Monday – Friday.
  • The Rathdrum branch performs routine surgeries on Wednesday.

Emergency surgeries can be carried out during out of hours such as weekends when necessary. We do provide a 24 hours service. Your pet usually will come in between 9am -10am on the morning of the surgery. We will have asked you to fast your pet from 8pm the previous night and to have taken away their drink the morning of the surgery. Upon arrival at our practice you will be required to sign a consent form. This form will explain the risks of anaesthesia and offer you a pre-anaesthetic blood test. This is particularly recommended for our senior patients. This blood test can detect any abnormalities which may affect the surgery or anaesthetic.
We use the gold standard of anaesthetic which is isoflurane gas anaesthesia. It is particularly safe for our more senior and severely ill patients. A nurse monitors patients throughout the anaesthesia and surgery. Due to our exceptional hospital hygiene and pre-operative preparation of patients and veterinary surgeons, it has relinquished the use of antibiotics in routine aseptic surgical procedures. The overuse and unnecessary use of antibiotics have proven to contribute to antibiotic resistance.