Happily it is now much easier to bring cats and dogs on holidays or move country within the EU. If you want to take your pet out of Ireland you will need to contact us to organise the following;

  • Microchip your pet if not already done
  • Obtain an EU pet passport
  • Get your pet vaccinated for at least 21 days before travel

We would also advise that all annual vaccinations, including kennel cough are up to date. In addition it is important to make sure worming and parasite control is up to date as there are different parasitic diseases contractible on mainland Europe. Please ask us for advice.

It is very important that you liaise with your travel company regarding any other requirements they might have such as crate size.

When returning to Ireland from the EU dogs and cats must be treated for ticks and tapeworm by a vet between 24 and 86 hours before entering the country. Please ensure to find a registered vet to carry out this requirement before you come home.

Bon voyage!