You insure yourself, your house, your car – but what about your pet? Veterinary medicine has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. As a profession we are now able to diagnose and treat many conditions which in the not so distant past were completely untreatable. Each year on average 1 in 3 pets suffer from an illness or injury, so unexpected veterinary bills can occur at any time.

Insurance can cover not only broken bones as a result of road traffic accident for example but pets that develop long term conditions such as skin problems, heart disease and arthritis to name a few. One of the most upsetting situations for us is when a pet’s condition is curable but due to costs cannot choose the optimal treatment plan or in some cases opts to put their loved one to sleep.

With insurance cover suitable for your pet’s needs, we can ensure your pet gets the best possible care without the cost of treatment becoming a limiting factor.
When looking at insurance companies it is worth considering some of the following:

  • To what amount will they pay out for an illness/condition?
  • What is the time limit on claims? Some conditions can be lifelong.
  • Can they put exclusions on your policy when it is up for renewal?
  • Will they renew your insurance for the rest of your pet’s life? (older pets)

Insurance companies will have a policy excess for claims and routine vacations, neutering’s, pregnancy and preventative healthcare are excluded.